The TRUE Self-Directed IRA and 401(k)

What does it mean if a retirement account is "Self-Directed"?

Many custodial companies are using the term "Self-Directed" to describe the IRA and 401(k) products that they market. Unfortunately, what these companies aren't telling you is that, when used to describe retirement plans, the term "Self-Directed" can actually have either of the following meanings:

1.) Traditional IRA's- typically offer only limited investment options for plan owners (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds). You "Self-Direct" your account only in the sense that you choose your investments from a very limited list of stocks and mutual funds offered through your account custodian.

2.) Traditional "Self-Directed" IRAs - expand the investment options from stock and mutual funds to also include real estate, tax liens and a host of other potentially higher-yielding investments. Although this is a step in the right direction, owners of these Traditional "Self-Directed" IRAs soon learn that there are some significant drawbacks to this type of "Self-Directed" plan:

  • Who’s The Boss? - Custodial "Approval" is required before you are allowed to make an investment. (Why should you need to get someone else’s approval to invest YOUR funds?)
  • Delays - Ready to invest? GREAT! Now fill out the paperwork and WAIT up to a week or longer! (Say goodbye to time-sensitive investment opportunities!)
  • Interest on Uninvested Funds - Uninvested funds are held in an account at the custodian that pays you little or no interest. (Shouldn’t you be the one making the interest on YOUR uninvested money?)
  • Fees - Typical fees include a yearly "Maintenance" fee (usually based on a percentage of the market value of the assets in the plan), fees for buying AND selling assests, and fees for every little service from document safe-keeping to cashier's checks and faxes.
Self-Directed Retirement Solutions's TRUE IRA and TRUE 401k are the next level in Self-Directed Retirement plans.


Each of our plans gives investors the ability to purchase time-sensitive investments that are nearly impossible using a "traditional" Self-Directed IRA custodian.

  • Investment Options - with Self-Directed Retirement Solutions, you can invest your retirement plan in real estate, tax liens, loans, local businesses, stocks, mutual funds and a host of other options. You are only limited by your imagination! Self-Directed Retirement Solutions TRUE Self-Directed IRA or 401(k) offers you greater opportunity by allowing you to choose the investments that are best suited to help you meet your retirement goals.
  • Checkbook Control - Self-Directed Retirement Solutions structures your IRA or 401(k) so that you have checkbook control over your retirement plan assets. No more begging a broker to allow you to invest your own money. You are in total control. Participate in time sensitive investments, including foreclosures and tax liens, without the time restrictions of the custodial paperwork process.
  • Limited Custodial Fees – Unlike many of our competitors, Self-Directed Retirement Solutions’s fees are not based on the size of your account or on the number of assets it holds. Regardless of the account size, our IRA clients pay the same low custodial maintenance fee. In addition, Self-Directed Retirement Solutions’s structure all but eliminates transactional, asset-based and holding fees. This can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year (when compared to our competitors).
  • Support to Succeed – With Self-Directed Retirement Solutions you have access to the support you need to invest confidently. Self-Directed Retirement Solutions and its affiliates have set up hundreds of people with their own Self-Directed retirement plan. Our tax experts are available to review any transactions you are considering for adherence to tax law guidelines…..this ensures that you don’t do anything that would endanger your retirement.
  • Asset Protection - In many states, IRA assets are subject to the claims of predatory creditors. If properly structured, your IRA can build a financial fortress around your hard earned wealth.
  • True Diversification - Your retirement holdings can now be truly diversified in a number of different assets. No longer are you limited to only the investments your custodian offers.
Sounds too good to be true? That's only because these options aren't well-known. The San Francisco Chronicle put it best when they said, "The reason you haven't heard about them [these investment alternatives] is that there is little profit incentive for financial institutions, which primarily sell stocks and bonds to IRA accounts." [Source: San Francisco Chronicle, January 6, 2003]

Self-Directed Retirement Solutions's TRUE IRA and TRUE 401k combine the best of both worlds. The flexibility to invest when, where and how you choose along with 100% CHECKBOOK CONTROL.

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